Star 3.0 Mod Menu GTA 5 Online 1.61 Undetected

Hey, gamers today we are back with another free cheat for GTA v 1.54, Star 3.0 undetected mod menu for GTA 5 online pc is professionally developed by Starmodz discord group this menu contains all the top features with premium level protection.

TypeGTA 5 Online Mod Menu PC

Description of Star Mod Menu

Star menu is a regular updating free mod menu for GTA online, it has been updated 5 times in the last few months and still counting on the menu is also developed in premium quality for not getting detected by rockstar servers and anti-cheat.

star mod menu

How to use Star Mod Menu

  1. Turn Off your AntiVirus and Windows Real-Time-Protection.
  2. Extract the “Star Menu” Folder on your Desktop.
  3. Open the “Star Menu” Folder.
  4. Drag the WHOLE (NOT only the File in it) “StarFiles” Folder into the “Put the StarFiles Folder in here”.
  5. After that, you start GTA 5 and you go to Story Mode.
  6. Now open Xenos64, choose GTA5.exe at the top and drag the Star Menu.dll into it.
  7. Go Back to GTA 5 and it will open your browser, close your browser and press F5 in-Game -> The Star Menu will Open.

If there are problems, here are a few bug fixes

-Youre Game is Crashing when injecting Star Menu?

  • Put the StarFiles into The Move the Star Files Folder here otherwise it will not work
  • Make sure to delete S Antivirus and MC Afee web Extension don’t forget to turn off your Real-Time Protection or if you have another Anti Virus that Just search on the Internet how to turn off
  • Sometimes a simple restart of your Game or Xenos can Help.
  • In very rare cases it can happen that your PC does not tolerate the Mod Menu and Gta does not feel like it In this case, you can change your graphics settings (this happens very, very rarely)

-Star Menu Doesn´t Inject?

  • Try different Xenos Settings or another Injector like ExtremeInjector or your own if you have one.
  • Make sure that you selected the right Process (GTA5.exe) and don´t forget to put the DLL into the Images Box

Download link Star Mod Menu 3.0

The download link is removed because the menu is reported as not working and is not updated to the latest version by developers.

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