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SharpMono Injector is a tool for injecting assemblies into Mono-embedded programs, such as games built with the Unity Engine. The target process typically does not need to be restarted to inject an updated version of the assembly. All of the resources in your unload method must be destroyed (such as game objects).

SharpMonoInjector generates machine code dynamically, writes it to the target process, and executes it using CreateRemoteThread. The code uses the mono embedded API to call functions. ReadProcessMemory is used to get the return value.

SharpMono Injector has been updated to fix the process discovery bug, x86/x64 detection bug, and make it more efficient. His injection engine hasn’t been changed save for some additional error checking.

For those who are still on Win7 and can’t run NetStandard 2.0, this is based on Net 4.0. Because the developer didn’t include any privilege checks, Wh0am15533 added some, and the GUI version will restart as Administrator. You’ll get a warning and instructions on ‘repairing’ the game on the console version.

Go to the game.exe and select Properties->Compatibility from the drop-down menu. Uncheck the option that says, “Run this software as Administrator.”

Some developers believe that by ‘elevating privileges,’ most individuals will be unable to inject unless the injector is likewise executed as Administrator. The game will revert to a conventional user process by unchecking this option. Alternatively, run the injector as an administrator.

SharpMono Injector

How To Use SharpMono Injector

  1. To begin, click the Download button below to obtain the injector zip file.
  2. Create a folder on your desktop with the injector you downloaded.
  3. Open the game and use the information from the sheet to fill in the gaps in the SharpMono injector.
    Namespace: XXXXX
    Classname: XXXXX
    Method: XXXXX
  4. Then, you can begin using the trainer by pressing the inject button.

Update v2.5 Changelogs

People have reported that the injector has recently crashed while refreshing processes. The problem was discovered and fixed. Some new services were installed with very tight process access capabilities for some new Windows updates. It should no longer be an issue because it enumerates system processes. The patch will also be applied to the injector. Sharp Mono Injector has received an update that includes some UI improvements.

A few UI and injector issues were fixed. Support for IL2Cpp detection and injection has been added. You’ll know if your game goes IL2Cpp now. Injecting is still feasible. check the IL2Cpp documentation for details.

Credits: Source Code Link to GitHub by Warbler

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