Sea of Thieves Internal Cheat Captain Hook

Sea of Thieves Internal Cheat

Sea of Thieves internal cheat captain hook for unlimited treasure locations, and other online player information such as name, location, health, and esp.

This free cheat is specially made for ship captains who want to be real pirates by using the Maximum capacity of the SOT game.

The Captain Hook Internal Cheat for Sea of Thieves is made by a GitHub user Grab, you will find all his details when you inject the script into the game.

Developer: Grab
Version: 0.0.1

Functions of Sea of Thieves Internal Cheat Captain Hook

  • SoT Treasure ESP
  • Improved Barrel ESP
  • All Player ESP
  • Long Distance Visibility Checks
  • Other Player Name & Health ESP
  • Crewcheck (ESP Color)
Sea of Thieves Internal Cheat

How To Use Sea of Thieves Internal Cheat Captain Hook

One will need to make sure that he has access to an updated version of dll injector program, there are plenty of options available on the internet for dll injecting software, you can also check our injectors page if you don’t have one available.

  1. Start Sea of Thieves game from steam store.
  2. Open Xenos64 injector or other similar program.
  3. Select CaptainHook.dll and inject to the game.
  4. Launch game and enjoy.


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