Saga Piece Script GUI Max Stats & More (2022)

Roblox Saga Piece Script GUI for infinite max stats, auto attack, and auto farm features. Scripts are provided from Github open-source codes by the v3rmillion forum.

Saga Piece Roblox is a one-piece anime based game. Roblox Saga Piece scripts will give you a power fruit, which will give you superhuman power. The fruit appears within the game every 30 minutes.

Spin, Suke, Bari, Light, Ice, Buddha, Magma, Dark, Gum-Gum, Bomb, Fire, Gravity are the fruits with special abilities. Utilize these Saga Piece scripts Roblox to obtain attractive freebies such as avatars and epic gears on your adventure.

About Saga Piece Roblox Game

In the game Roblox Saga Piece, you will experience this world inspired by the One Piece anime. Choose if you’d like to play the role of a daring pirate, or you’d like to join the side of marines and take on them. Explore the map for fruit that can allow you to develop skills that you can apply to your journeys. Work hard to be the best player on the field.

In comparison with Grand Piece Online, Saga Piece is not so popular. There are only 50 players active and have seen less than 800,000 visitors in the first few days. It’s fairly new on its own, which means it has room to grow.

We’ll keep you updated with new scripts as they are made available. It is important to implement these as quickly as you can because you never know when they’ll be patched. These scripts have been tested to the day that this article was published.

If you discover one that has been patched or not working, inform us of the specific script by commenting below so that we can replace it.

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Saga Piece Script GUI

We offer the most up-to-date and complete overview of the latest and working Saga Piece and other games scripts. Bookmark this page for any new script updates and also visit the Roblox Games Scripts page for more cool stuff.

Saga Piece Script GUI

The free scripts for the saga piece Roblox game will let you use infinite numbers of fruits in the game. By using the similar scripts GUI you will get infinite health and power to defeat super raid bosses and other enemy players.

It is a really good game to play and have some fun with friends but if you want to automate things a little then we have the perfect working sage piece script Pastebin for you below.

As we said earlier, Roblox Saga Piece is a pretty new game with fewer players, so there aren’t many scripts available for the game. So without further ado, below are all the currently working Roblox Saga Piece Scripts to utilize right now.

--max stats script (NOTE NEED AT LEAST 1 STAT POINT) 
--made by Legend #0001 
local stats = { 
local statPoints = 375 
for i = 1, statPoints do 
   for i = 1, #stats do 
       local stat = stats[i] 
       game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.MainGui.MainFrame.StatsFrame.StatPoint:FireServer(stat, 0.5) 
--Auto Attack 
getgenv().Loop = true 
while wait() do 
 if getgenv().Loop == true then 
    local vuser = game:GetService("VirtualUser") 
 1  0

If you’re trying to automate things, auto farm resources, or auto strike enemies at will and speed, we have the most effective Saga Piece Script worth using.

  • — tween shit
  • = “Bandit Keith” — Put NPC Name
  • Speed = 5 — if it kicks u increase the number
  • TweenService = game:service’TweenService’
  • TweenInfo =
  • TweenGoal = {}
  • getfenv().plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer
  • rs = game:service’RunService’.RenderStepped
  • t = true
  • while rs:wait() do
  • And more on our Pastebin.

You can view the complete GUI scripts on Pastebin here.

How TO Execute Roblox Saga Piece Script GUI

Before executing scripts within the game it is necessary to utilize the assistance of a reliable Roblox executor. These include Krnl, JJSploit, Synapse X, and many more.

In case you do not already have one installed then simply go to our Roblox Scripts and Exploits page and discover a solution that is working.

After installation, start a new session in Roblox and then launch the Saga Piece game as well as the executor you downloaded. Then simply copy and paste any of these Saga Piece scripts listed above into the empty window of the executor.

After that, click the button Inject followed by Execute. A script GUI will appear. After that, enable the features that you want in GUI.

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