Saber Simulator Script GUI Auto Swing & More (2022)

Roblox Saber Simulator Script GUI free best auto swing and autoplay features. Including the best auto sell and auto upgrades provided by v3rmillion and Rscripts.

HD Games has developed this fantastic fight game where gamers train their characters to make them robust to safeguard the adversaries. This training helps them combat all the obstacles and climb the Leader board.

Saber Simulator was released in September of 2019 and has obtained over 500 million overall total visits. The primary purpose is for gamers to gain strength by swinging their saber. This strength is utilized to boost the character’s stamina and damage to other players. Selling stamina at the selling area will certainly award the player coins, which then can be used to update their character, and at some point, climb onto the leaderboards.

About Saber Simulator Script Roblox Game

Saber Simulator is among one of the most preferred games on Roblox. Similar to various other Roblox games, the devs of this game often push a brand-new update presenting new attributes, components, and codes. Ahead of Christmas, the devs have just rolled out a brand-new update called XMAS, adding an epic new Saber in the shop (Jagged Straight Blade).

If you are a crazy Saber Simulator player and looking for the latest and working scripts, then look no more as we have you covered. This article will give you a complete list of active and new Saber Simulator scripts and stroll you via the script carrying out the process and where to discover new working scripts before anyone else.

Our Roblox Saber Simulator Script article has one of the most up-to-date Scripts lists that you can utilize for Auto Swing, Vehicle Ranch, Crowns, Coins, and Infinite Stamina. This is a quick and also simple method to gain up some currency and products to have you with upgraded sabers in no time.

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Saber Simulator Script GUI
saber sim script GUI

We’ll keep you upgraded with different scripts once they are released. You should ensure to utilize these as soon as possible since you’ll never recognize when they could be patched!

Every one of these scripts has been tested on the date this post was released. If you locate one that is covered or otherwise not functioning, please let us recognize the specific code in the comments below to remove or replace it with a functioning one.

Saber Simulator Script GUI

The saber simulator Roblox game scripts will provide you with numerous benefits such as autoplay and auto farm. The best thing is you don’t have to swing the sword yourself in the game. The only thing you will need to do is enable the auto swing option in the saber sim GUI and see the magic.

It is a really good game to play and have some fun with friends but if you want to automate things a little then we have the perfect working saber simulator script Pastebin for you below.

We provide the most recent updates and comprehensive coverage of the new and working Saber Simulator Scripts. Keep an eye on this page for new script updates, and visit our Roblox Games Scripts page.


You can view the complete saber simulator GUI scripts on Pastebin here.

  1. local sabersim =
  2. {“Update100″,”PetBoost”,”VoidGG”,”weekend”,”oioi”,”Yippee”,”telanthric”,”defild”,”melihkardes”,”cookieclix”,”cookie”,”gravy”,”JS”,”raven”,”razor”,”robzi”,”subtoautsin”,”release”,”mirrors”,”henrydev”,”mmistaken”}
  3. for i ,v in pairs(sabersim) do
  4. game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorage”).
  5. Events.CheckCode:InvokeServer(v)
  6. end
  7. game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.
  8. CFrame =, 196.78704833984, 151.4168548584)
  9. And more on the Pastebin page.

How To Execute Roblox Saber Simulator Script

Before beginning, ensure that you’ve got the most up-to-date version of the executor that you’re using. The most effective executors are available on the web. Examples include Krnl, JJSploit, and Synapse X. (Premium).

If you don’t possess one of them, Get the most current version of Krnl by visiting our free Roblox scripts and Executors page.

When you’ve installed your injector, go into the Roblox platform and start your Roblox Saber Simulator game, then launch the executor you previously installed.

Once you have started the game, Copy the script code, insert it in the executor’s window, and click on the inject button followed by the execute button.

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