RC Rush Trainer & Free Cheats

Steam pc car racing game RC Rush trainer and free cheats to unlock all vehicles and super upgrades infinite XP boost and instant win race.

RC Rush is a thrilling arcade racing game that features radio-controlled vehicles. Score events to gain access to professional events, stay competitive in head-to-head battles to take advantage of new vehicles, and gain experience to become the supreme RC champion!

RC Rush is a fantastic racing game you can play in Virtual reality technology or on your Desktop computer. You can drive with a remote, keyboard, VR, or USB RC control system.

There are many other alternatives to allow it to operate the game whatever you want – pick the A.I. driver level of difficulty and, if desired, apply assistants to the steering or braking. The mission is to make RC fun for everybody!

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Functions of RC Rush Trainer & Free Cheats

RC Rush Trainer UI
RC Rush Trainer by wh0am15533

The free trainer for the RC Rush pc game is made by wh0am15533. He is a gamer and a professional cheats developer.

As usual, the author of this trainer has added the top most demanding features or functions in the trainer cheat. All these features will help you win the epic car race in the game.

  • Unlock Everything in RC Rush
  • Add 300XP (Level Up)
  • Eliminate All Other Players
  • One vs One race mode
  • No Boost for Other Players Glitch
  • Boost Player Car Infinite
  • Toggle Player Collisions
  • Freeze Other Players Cars at Starting Point

Technical Details of RC Rush Trainer Cheat

TitleRC Rush Trainer
Size1.58 MB

How To Install RC Rush Trainer

  1. Make a backup of game’s Managed Folder. (i.e. C:\XXXXXX\RC Rush\RC Rush_Data\Managed )
  2. Extract the files from the “Managed.rar” to the game’s C:\XXXXXX\RC Rush\RC Rush_Data\Managed\ folder, replacing the original’s.
  3. Extract NeoMod.cfg and Trainer.dll into the root game folder. (i.e. C:\XXXXXX\RC Rush )
  4. (Optional) Edit NeoMod.cfg to your liking.

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