Pop It Trading Script Dupe Items Roblox

Pop It Trading Script Dupe Items Roblox Free Download. Get the most out of the roblox pop-it trading game by using the latest codes and GUI provided by developers.

This script will work with any of your favorite executors and we recommend using synapse x and Krnl for getting the full advantage and popularity in the game.

Pop It Trading Roblox Game Overview

The pop it trading game is a free game developed on the Roblox platform. it an online trading type game where you will play the trade with your items, you will simply need to add your items on the board and then jump on the green side button to confirm the trade.

Pop it trading roblox game is made by club XOX developers and published on the roblox games platform, although roblox is a game publishing platform for anyone with no game development skills and knowledge all you have to do is arrange the 3D graphics in-game creator and make a map with prebuild items like trees, grass, building, fruits and more.

The game is very popular and whenever you join the server of the pop it trading game you will see there are already 20 to 25 players trading their items on platform with the right, plus, and cross symbols on them.

Pop It trading is one of the fastest-growing games on Roblox now. launched on August 28th, 2021, the game has already been visited by extra than 60+ million players. almost a month after its release, the devs have in the end launched more pop-it items allowing players to play and trade more.

What is Pop It Trading Script Dupe Item Script

Pop it trading script dupe items is a free exploit created by user Printer of v3rmillion roblox forums. the script is focused on duplicating almost any item you own in the game.

You probably are thinking that you will be automatically kicked from the server if you use this script but my friend the way this script works is different than others and what it will do is automatically leaves and joins a new server after duplicating a single item.

Dupe script is the best choice for you when playing the pop it trading game, this is the best GUI you will find on the internet and is regularly updated by developers with the latest API and codings.

Roblox Pop It Trading Codes

in case you are suffering to get the brand new roblox Pop It trading Codes then come to this page often as we will hold you up to date with new codes whilst they are launched. when you have now not redeemed the beneath-stated codes but, make sure to redeem them as early as possible as they could expire at any moment.

Here’s a list of codes that players can redeem in Roblox Pop It Trading right now.

  • Gummy
  • Squid

Unfortunately, there are the handiest Pop It trading codes available in the meantime. As soon as more codes are shared by developers, we will update this listing.

pop it trading script


How To Get New Pop It Trading Codes?

To get new codes for the roblox Pop It trading game, you must follow the developer of the game on Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. or as an alternative, you could visit this web page sometimes as we will hold you up to date with new codes while they’re out.

Will I Get Banned After Using Script in Pop It Trading?

No, because the game will simply close itself if the script is not working or known to developers.

is Pop It Trading Script a virus?

No, it is not a virus the script is an open-source code and you can read it by looking through GitHub user content URL.

Pop It Trading Script Dupe Items Roblox Free Download

Click on the link below to start the Pop It Trading Simulator Dupe GUI Roblox Pastebin Free Download. Free Roblox undetected script executor safe to use.

The script has been updated with the latest patch version and our developers have worked hard to maintain the quality of the GUI graphical user interface GUI that will be shown in the game when you inject the script code.


repeat wait() until game:IsLoaded()
local drop = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").RemoteEvents.Drop
local equip = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").RemoteEvents.Equip

function autoequip(c,item)
   for i = 1,c do

function autodrop(c,item)
   for i = 1,c do

autoequip(1,"Gummy Rainbow")
autodrop(1,"Gummy Rainbow")
local function bsf()
                        local n = false

                        for i, v2 in pairs(workspace.Dropped:GetChildren()) do
                                v2.Owner.Value == game.Players.LocalPlayer or
                                    v2.Owner.Value == game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character
                                 for is, vs in pairs(game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character:GetChildren()) do
                                    if vs:IsA("MeshPart") or vs:IsA("BasePart") and v then
                                        print("1n1", v2, vs)
                                        firetouchinterest(vs, v2.Handle, 1)
                                        firetouchinterest(vs, v2.Handle, 0)
                                        --char.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = v2.Handle.CFrame
                                        n = true

                        if n then



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