Free Phasmophobia Hack PhasmoMenu v0.1


New free Phasmophobia hack PhasmoMenu v0.1 download. Get the best up-to-date ghost hunter, teleport, and no clip phasmophobia hack.

The new Phasmophobia hack PhasmoMenu is made by PappyG an independent developer of the UnknownCheats game cheating community.

The free hack provides different types of features for the game which include ghost tracking, movement speed, throw strength, invisible, name change, spoof id, and more.

If you don’t know Phasmophobia is a ghost hunting horror multiplayer game, the game concept is to hunt ghosts in an abandoned house and track their activity from a van outside the house, this is some kind of a mission where you and your teammates will join a server and complete tasks.

Features of PhasmoMenu Free Phasmophobia Hack

Below are some noticeable features you will experience after using the PhasmoMenu.

  • NewName (Create a multiplayer private lobby, Type a new name under ‘NewName’ then change your character model to update name.)
  • Player (Opens ‘Player’ Window)
  • InfStam (Infinite Stamina)
  • MovementSpeed (Edit Movement Speed)
  • MaxReach (Very Far Reach)
  • ThrowStrength (Edit Throw Strength)
  • Invincible (Cant Die)
    HOST: Despawns Ghost On Attack
    NotHost: ‘Zombie’ Spawns Body, Drops inventory, cant use any items, Cant close van.
  • Sanity (Edit Player Sanity)
  • NoClip (Fly, Clips Through Map)
  • LevelInfo (Opens ‘GhostInfo’ And ‘PlayerInfo’ Windows)
  • GhostInfo (Ghost Name, Ghost Type, Ghost Current Location, Evidence)
  • PlayerInfo (Average Player Sanity, Current Room)
  • Fullbright (Brightens Environment Lighting (May cause fps drop if too many lights active, or if in a large map))
  • SpoofID (Changes Steam ID to ‘NoSteam’)
  • Binds (List Of Keybinds)
  • TP (Teleport = To Truck, To Death Room, To Custom Position.)
  • Cursed (Opens ‘CursedObjects’ Window)
  • TarotCards (Choose Next Card, and Infinite Tarot Cards)

How to Use Free Phasmophobia Hack PhasmoMenu by PappyG

Follow the below instructions to use this free PhasmoMenu in your game account.

  1. Download free Phasmophobia PhasmoMenu Hack
  2. Unpack the cheat table from zip archive
  3. Download cheat engine software (required)
  4. Launch Phasmo game on your pc
  5. Run the cheat table by touble clicking
  6. Enjoy

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