Minecraft World Handler Cheat Version 1.18

minecraft world handler

Minecraft world handler cheat free download latest working for windows PC systems. Get the most out of the Minecraft windows game by using our top quality world handler mods.

Minecraft World Handler Overview

The minecraft world handler is a mod or a cheat tool that modifies the in-game environment like weather, stop time, kick mobs, different commands, change mode, ban a player, etc.

This mod can be useful for map creators because it saves a lot of time. Also, the mod gives you the name of the biome you are currently logged in to, the coordinates, that you can turn off mobs in a certain radius, the server can kick or ban a player, get a quick bench or oven, and much more. Browse our categories for the Best Minecraft Client cheats Handler.

Features of MineCraft Cheat World Handler:

  • MineCraft GUI for commands
  • Client Commands: advancement, blockdata, clear, clone, difficulty, effect, enchant, fill, gamemode, gamerule, give, kill, recipe, scoreboard, setworldspawn, spawnpoint, summon, tag, team, time, trigger, weather, xp
  • Server Commands: ban, deop, kick, op, pardon, save-all, save-off, save-on, whitelist
  • World and player information
  • /wh for a simplified /fill and /clone
  • Expandable GUI with json files and child mods
  • Client-side only
minecraft world handler

Minecraft World Handler Technical File Details

  • Trainer Full Name: Minecraft mod world handler
  • Mod File Name: minecraft world handler.zip
  • Full Trainer Size: 5.40 MB
  • Cheat Type: Online Mod Menu
  • Compatibility Architecture: 64 bit (x64)
  • Latest Version: v1.18
  • Developers: Unknowns

Only the latest game version will be supported and updated with new features. If you have any other suggestions, bug reports or questions feel free to open an issue on GitHub.


Is Minecraft world handler mod safe?

Yes, it is safe to use the minecraft mod handler, it is based on java framework and is safe from adware and viruses.

Is this client-side only?

Yes, it is only a client-sided mod handler.

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