Roblox LootQuest Script & Codes (2022)

Roblox LootQuest Script for infinite gems, instant teleport to the chamber, auto farm, more with the complete list of working codes.

LootQuest is a Roblox game created by Studio Not Found. One can carry a sword and fight thieves in this game. One could also use the assistance of other players to grind and gain experience. But it’s the game’s support for script and codes that make it great. So, let’s go through all of the new and valid LootQuest coupons and scripts for Roblox in this article.

This LootQuest game is still in development, and the developers told us that nothing you see in-game is final, and significant features and improvements are coming. While playing this Roblox game, you may experience bugs, crashes, and potentially data loss.

Roblox LootQuest Codes

The Loot Quest Codes below contains an up-to-date list of all the new codes that players use to get free loot chests, in-game currency, equipment, and much more in this Roblox game.

SLEEPY – Allowlisted accounts can only use this code.
WELCOME – Receive 200 Diamonds by entering this code.

You can join the Game creators discord server for any updates on the codes. You may also bookmark this page that would save time in the future while looking for some new codes. We maintain such guides up to date regularly so that you can receive new codes quickly and maintain a competitive advantage.

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LootQuest Script

The OP LootQuest Script provides numerous new features, and the updated design is so cool. All the old modules are now offered in a single window, and you can turn them on by using mouse clicks.

The best thing is the old LootQuest GUI is updated to the latest version, and the developers are now regularly monitoring the codes for errors and bugs.

The scripts we provided are a package of cool features and build-in options. You can do several things such as evolve swords to legendary, teleport to the farming area, automatic speed walk, and more.

LootQuest GUI (Made by MSDOS)

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()
Auto Farm GUI (Made by Max)

How to use LootQuest Script

Before executing the lost quest script, you will need to make sure that the version of your script executor is up to date.

So we assume that you have the latest version available, and if not, you can get one from a trusted developer.

Simply jump on to the Roblox website and launch the loot quest game. Next up, copy the script code you want from the pack file.

Once the script is copied, paste it into the executor and click on execute button followed up by the inject button to start the GUI. Now go ahead and turn on the options you want in the game.

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