Knife Strife Script | Unlock All Knives, InstantKill & More

The new Roblox Knife Strife Script Unlock all knives, Instal Kill All, and more is now released on our website and it can be free downloaded and used with any executor of your choice.

The games concept and gameplay is very simple all you have to do is get a knife it can be regular, epic, or legendary knife and than start eliminating other players and enemies, the last man standing is winner.

The knifes comes with different and unique abilities that can be used to eliminate enemies and showcase your powers.

Climb up the leaderboard and be the boss in a unique knife fight roblox game.

Features of Knife Strife Script GUI

  • Unlock all knife
  • Dev knife
  • Instant Kill
  • God Mode
  • Never Die
  • Anti AFK
  • Auto Farm
  • Server Hopping
  • and more

How to Use Knife Strife Script

Follow the instructions below to properly execute and use the script in the roblox game.

  1. Make sure you have the best free roblox exploit executor for using with this roblox game.
  2. Launch the roblox client and start playing Knife Strife script roblox game.
  3. Copy paste the script code into the executor program and load the API.
  4. Now click on the attach followed by the execute button on the exploit program.
  5. Enjoy the script and do share it with your friends.

  • local Players = game:GetService(“Players”)
  • local LocalPlayer = Players.LocalPlayer
  • local function CheckIfVictimIsAlive(Victim)
  • if Victim.Character and Victim.Character.Humanoid and
  • Victim.Character.Humanoid.Health
  • local Rawmetatable = getrawmetatable(game)
  • setreadonly(Rawmetatable, false)
  • local OldNamecall = Rawmetatable.__namecall

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