GTA 5 Heist Editor 2.1 External GTA 5 Online 1.61

Best GTA 5 Heist Editor 2.1 External free download. Get the latest working GTA 5 Online 1.58 heist editor safe and undetected.

Welcome anonmods family we are now officially releasing a best and safe heist editor for GTA 5 made by DDHibiki a moderator and cheat publisher at the unknoncheats community.

What is GTA 5 Heist Editor External

Have you ever played with a friend in GTA 5 online who doesn’t pay you the perfect equal cut in heist money percentage? well that happened with me a lot I was the best at completing the heist missions in a single try but my teammates always give me only a few bucks and get the full 60% of the heist income.

The GTA 5 heist editor is very useful in this type of case you can set the percentage of heist cut by using this tool, and nobody will notice when you do it, because it will give you the percentage cut at the end of the completing heist missions.

Features of GTA 5 Heist Editor

Below are some noticeable features you will experience when using the free GTA 5 Heist Editor download.

  • Edit every type of heist missions
  • Supports – doomdays heist, casino heist’s and cayo-perico heist’s player cut% and more.
  • Edit the Potential Take of the casino
  • Edit the real take of the in mission
  • Edit the real take of Cayo-Perico
  • Safe and undetected
  • GTA 5 Online Support

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GTA 5 heist editor

GTA 5 Heist Editor Gameplay Video

Below is the video gameplay on using GTA 5 heist editor.

GTA 5 Heist Editor Update logs

We have added update logs of the heist editor provided by the developer, this will help you in understanding the new update and what is changed in the new version.

-Add new job skip... 

2.0 V2 
-Fixed Railgun NoCool 
-Fixed OTR -Fixed Nowanted 

-Add new job skip prep. 
-Re add fleeca hack function 
-Wait add...


Is GTA 5 Heist Editor Undetected?

Yes, the GTA 5 heist editor is undetected safe to use, the tool is external and very easy to use.

When the casino heist mission is started, it crashes when selecting entrances and exits?

You need to unlock all access points and POI before starting the last mission.

When I started the casino mission, it got stuck on the splash screen. (Started the casino mission as the host for the first time and killed the NPC)

When you first time do a casino heist, do not kill any NPC

Sell vehicle does not work, it does not work some version?

No, it works in all versions (At least in the game 1.58 version, tools 2.0 work). Sell vehicle requires you to enter the selling option after entering the LSC, and modify it after the vehicle price appears in the in-game menu. After the modification, it will not be displayed in the game, but this does not mean that the modification has failed. You just need to continue to sell the vehicle.

Sell vehicle shows invalid transaction.

You only can sell your personal vehicle.

When setting up a vehicle for sale, it reminds me that I cannot exceed 8M?

This is my suggestion to you for safety reasons. In theory, you can continue to execute the value you set after confirming it (this may be a mistake when I wrote the code). But for security reasons, I still recommend you to set a value less than 8M again.

What is Heist Job max payout?

Casino all cost<3.66
cayo all cost<2.55
all cost=main cost+other cost.


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