Funky Friday Script Hack GUI Auto Play & Farm

Roblox Funky Friday Script for free Auto Play and Auto farming features. The script is developed by v3rmillion users and will show a GUI when used in the game.

Unlike the previously mentioned Friday Night Funkin’, players in this game battle against other players. There is also a Solo mode, but it gives you fewer points and no wins (or wins streak). If the player hits the notes correctly and on time, they receive a certain number of points based on their accuracy, with “SICK!!” being the best and “BAD” being the worst.

About Funky Friday Script Roblox Game

Funky Friday is a 3D Roblox experience in which you compete in a rap battle by matching arrows as they move down the screen. The more accurate you are in the game, the more points you earn, and these points can be used to purchase unique animations, emotes, and tags.

Despite its newness, Funky Friday is arguably the most popular Roblox game right now. Since its inception, it has received over 700 million visits and has up to 40,000 active players.

Many songs are featured in the game, including the original Friday Night Funkin’ songs and some from various mods. The B-Side Mod, VS Whitty, The Tricky Mod, and Mid-Fight Masses are a few examples. Other songs from outside the community, such as Touhou themes, are also included.

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There are a lot of Friday scripts out there, but the vast majority of them have been patched. To relieve some stress, we combed through a slew of sources to find some of the best and most unique Friday script Pastebin.

funky friday script

You can use the executor shared on our site with the funky Friday script Pastebin that we have provided below to run these free script codes and thus enjoy Roblox funky friday script Pastebin life for free.

Funky Friday Script GUI

The Funky Friday script includes an auto-play feature. This feature allows you to make money without having to do anything. You can use the auto-play feature of the cheat as legit or rage. You can always give percentages such as “sick” or “60% sick.” This script is completely free to use, and we will walk you through the process step by step below.

It’s a fun game in and of itself, but if you want to automate things a little, we have the perfect funky friday script Pastebin for you right now.

We provide the most recent updates and comprehensive coverage of the new and working Funky Friday Scripts. Keep an eye on this page for new script updates, and visit our Roblox Games Scripts.

loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()

Officially supported: Synapse X, Script-Ware, KRNL, Fluxus
Needed functions: setthreadcontext, getconnections, getgc, getloaodedmodules

You can view the below script in full on the GitHub source code page by wally-rblx.

  1. local start = tick()
    local client = game:GetService(‘Players’).LocalPlayer;
    local set_identity = (type(syn) == ‘table’ and syn.set_thread_identity) or setidentity or setthreadcontext
  2. local function fail(r) return client:Kick(r) end
  3. — gracefully handle errors when loading external scripts
    — added a cache to make hot reloading a bit faster
  4. local usedCache = shared.__urlcache and next(shared.__urlcache) ~= nil
  5. shared.__urlcache = shared.__urlcache or {}
    local function urlLoad(url)
    local success, result
  6. if shared.__urlcache[url] then
  7. success, result = true, shared.__urlcache[url]
  8. else
  9. success, result = pcall(game.HttpGet, game, url)
  10. end

How To Execute Funky Friday Script GUI

Ensure you have an up-to-date and functional Roblox script executor; if you don’t, you can get one from our free Roblox scripts page.

After you’ve installed or updated the executor, go to Roblox’s official website and launch the Funky Friday game from the app launcher.

After starting the game, copy the script code, paste it into the executor window, and then click inject, followed by executing.

Please follow the same procedure for all scripts and let us know if it doesn’t work.

The script can be used with any executor program, we recommend Krnl and Synapse X for better compatibility and results.


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