Free CRSED FOAD Hack NoRecoil Ammo x20DMG


New free CRSED FOAD Hack undetected download. Get the latest up to date no recoil, infinite ammo, and 20x damage Cuisine Royale cheats.

Free cuisine royale hack is a new cheat made by Japrajah a discard user and published by the unknown cheats community.

The cuisine royale which is now called crsed foad is an old game now renamed and is trading over twitch and youtube streams. the game is based on the popular battle royale concept and we noticed it looks similar to PUBG pc while playing.

CRSED FOAD hack provides new and cool features all of this includes the most aim focused option and there is no wall and esp hack provided by the developer for now, but you can use it with your mind just maintain distance with your enemies and use x20 damage to eliminate them all.

CRSED FOAD Cuisine Royale hack is open-source on GitHub and you can make your own cheat out of it.

Features of CRSED FOAD Hack

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after using the free hack for the CRSED FOAD trainer PC game.

  • NoRecoil
  • NoSpread
  • NoShake
  • InfAmmo
  • x20 Dmg

Cuisine Royale Hack Key Binds

  • LAalt AimKey,
  • Page Up + fov
  • Page Down -fov
  • Clean Add Esp List (then I’ll fix the esp for now)

How to Use Free CRSED FOAD Hack?

Below are the instructions on how to use this free hack crsed foad cuisine royale cheat.

  1. Download free CRSED FOAD hack from down below.
  2. Download the face injector from github.
  3. Start the CRSED FOAD game in windowed mode.
  4. Inject cheat via DagorWClass
  5. Done, enjoy th game.


Gameplay Video:

Credits: Japrajah#5252 of UnknownCheats for the development of this cheat.

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