Evade Hacks Roblox Script Pastebin

Evade Hacks Roblox Script Pastebin – GUI, Auto Farm, God Mode, Tp To map, TP To safe zone, AutoJump & More!

What is Evade Hacks Roblox Script

Evade is horror based roblox game developed and published by hexagon community. the game was initially released in mid 2022 after few beta trials.

The evade game is all about survive for as long as possible while evading the bot trying to murder you.

How to Execute a Roblox Evade Hacks?

Follow these easy steps to properly inject script into the game.

  1. The first thing you will need is a roblox exploit injector, which can be downloaded from their official websites such as Krnl, Synapse X or JJSploit.
  2. Launch the client and start Evade game.
  3. Run roblox script injector and paste the script code.
  4. Hit the Execute/Inject button to load GUI.

Warning: Use scripts carefully, and always try to look for an update on our website after a game update or Roblox Platform patch.

Roblox Evade Script GUI – Auto Farm, God Mode & More!

check the script pasted below and use with your favourite injector.


Evade Hacks Script Tp To map, TP To safe zone, AutoJump

–[[supported game: doors, evade, bee swarm sim, psx, stands awakening,
build a boat for treasure]]

_G.entered989 = true

if game.PlaceId == 5780309044 then
elseif game.PlaceId == 9872472334 then
elseif game.PlaceId == 537413528 then
elseif game.PlaceId == 1537690962 then
elseif game.PlaceId == 6284583030 then
elseif game.PlaceId == 6839171747 then

Evade Auto Farm Xp – Auto Teleport & Revive + More!


Evade [Auto Farm – Fast Revive & More!]



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