Free Crab Game External Cheat Mobware v3.0

Crab Game External Cheat Mobware

New Crab Game external cheat mobware v3.0 free download. Get the best up-to-date fast punch, god mode, teleport, and crab game cheat.

The new crab game external cheat mobware is the second version of the free crab game internal cheat made by BackCode a well-known member and cheat publisher of the unknoncheats community.

Crab Game is a multiplayer PC steam game based on the popular Netflix web series squid game. the game is made by Dani a developer and game publisher of the Steam marketplace, the game utilizes the steam community servers to do matchmaking of players in different countries and regions.

Since there is no anti-cheat or any other working cheat detection module is available in-game, there no way of getting this awesome free crab game external cheat detected while using. The cheat file will remain undetectable and the only way of it is not working will be a game update or cheat getting outdated.

Features of Crab Game External Cheat Mobware

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after using the crab game cheat free download.

  • Fast Punch (disable the cooldown of the punch)
  • NEW No Recoil (remove the recoil when you shoot)
  • NEW Infinite Ammo (self explanatory, infinite bullets)
  • NEW Rapid Fire (you can shoot fast, whitout the cooldown. Works for knife & other secondary guns too)
  • NEW Hold To Shoot (useful with rapidfire, just hold the left click and it will shoot automatically)
  • Blink (disables you playerpos & playerrot, the other players will not see you moving around, when you will untoggle it and do a step your position will be updated to the new one)
    – Helpful for “Red/Green Light”, you can rush without getting killed by the doll.
    – Useful in “Lights out”, you can kill everyone and they will not see you. Just enable godmode and hide yourself before toggle it.
    – Useful for “send players to the moon”, toggle it and touch the players with your body, then go away and untoggle it. The player that u touched will be sent to the moon.
  • Gravity (removes ur gravity)
  • Infinite Jump (allows you to jump infinitely times)
  • Perma Slide (allows you to slide permanently)
  • Low Jump (allows you to do little jumps)
  • Long Jump (allows you to do long jumps)
  • High Jump (allows you to do a huge jump)
  • Speed (self explanatory, speed with 3 different modes)
  • Fly (self explanatory, fly with 2 different modes)
  • God Mode (you cant die, you can only die if you touch the water)
  • No Knock Back (you don’t get knock)
  • Punch People (bind it, go in front of someone or find the right position near the entity, toggle it and the player will be “sent to the moon”)
  • Freeze Players (freeze all the players around you !! ONLY FOR YOU !!, this is useful for snowball fight, tag, light out etc…)
  • Save Pos (save your current position coordinates)
  • Tp Last Pos (teleport to your saved coordinates)
  • Break Glasses (break glasses in “(S) Glass Jump” map. If you toggle it at the start, all the glasses will explode)
  • Splot TP (take all the colors in the map “Splot”)
  • Fullbright (remove the darkness in “Dorm” mode, so allow you to see basically)
  • ChatSpammer (the chat never closes after sending a message, so you can spam the text)
free crab game external cheat

Crab Game External Cheat Mobware

  • Cheat Full Name: Mobware Crab Game External Cheat
  • Cheat File Name:
  • Full Trainer Size: 564 KB
  • Cheat Type: Online Multiplayer
  • Compatibility Architecture: 64 bit (x64)
  • Latest Version: 3.0
  • Developers: BackCode

How to Use Crab Game External Cheat Mobware

Below are the instructions on how to use this free crab game external cheat mobware with your game account.

  1. First of all disable your antivirus and windows defender
  2. Free download crab game external cheat mobware from button down below
  3. Launch the Crab Game from steam client
  4. Now open cheat v1 when you are in game start menu
  5. Open cheat v2 only If the cheat is not working in v1

Gameplay Video

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