Boxing League Script: Auto Farm, Fight Styles, and More

Roblox Boxing League Script free auto farm for grab, push, box, and dump with complete unlock of excellent fighting styles, boxing league GUI exploit.

The boxing League game is a blox Roblox game developed by kenami a gamer and maker of this cool fighting virtual game.

This game can be played with your friends and there are a lot of map locations available to play, you can even use the custom avatars and the fun part is you can hug and kick your opponents although it is already built in the game.

The last free script of boxing league was published 11 months ago by an unknown maker and now we have this masterpiece that will blow your mind.

Boxing League Script

There are not so many scripts available for Boxing League games but after our findings and research, we have got our hands on a working script that will allow you to use multiple features at the same time and will also provide the inbuilt protection from an anti-ban and anti-cheat.

Below are some features you will experience after using the excellent Boxing League Script.

  • Anti AFK
  • Farm (Grab, Push, Box, Dump)
  • Fight Styles (+ Hakor Bo1,TPs Behind Opponent & legit )
  • Auto Train & more!
  • Auto Punching Bag

We have also published free Cheeto Hub Script with support for arsenal, ninja legends, and more games.

How To Execute Boxing League Script

First of all, before using the Boxing League script you will need to make sure that you have a working and updated Roblox script executor, you can download free Roblox executors Krnl, JJSploit, and more from our website if you don’t have a working one.

Right after downloading the executor go to the update area and click on get latest patch update, this is important because we only shared the basic file that may be outdated but can be updated automatically.

So now that you have the best script executor you will need to download or get the script code which you can download from the Pastebin link we provided on the button link down below.

Now that you have both the script and executor installed it is time to launch the Boxing League Roblox game, Start the game and join any public game.

After launching the game, paste the script code to the executor text field click on INJECT, and then Execute at the same time.

A GUI with multiple options will appear on your game screen, select then turn on what you want and Enjoy!

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