Bitcoin Miner Script GUI

The new Roblox bitcoin miner script Pastebin is made by “BenzCheetos#9824” Get the best auto boost and overclock bitcoin miner GUI exploits.

Bitcoin Miner is currently in the beta stage and the Development is still going on by developers. The concept of this game is really Unique and players will enjoy playing.

Bitcoin miner Roblox game is basically a package of learning about the new cryptocurrency and this will help the Roblox players by letting them know how bitcoins and other crypto coins work.

What is Bitcoin Miner Script GUI

The script for the bitcoin miner Roblox game is a tool made by individual developers and fan players, this script will help you do auto farm in the game.

This is just a simulation game and there are no real cryptocurrency buying, selling, and trading involved in the game.

Bitcoin Miner Script


-- Bitcoin miner auto claim boost and overclock

if getgenv().CheckIfHooked then game.Players.LocalPlayer:Kick("Why would you execute Twice? ")return else getgenv().CheckIfHooked=true end;print'Kekw1'getgenv().farm=true;while wait(10)do if getgenv().farm==true then game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Events.ClaimFreeBoostStar:FireServer()game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Events.Overclk:InvokeServer()end end;print'Kekw'

Follow the below provided instructions step by step to properly execute or inject this script in the bitcoin miner GUI Roblox game.

How to Execute Bitcoin Miner Script

  • Download free roblox script executor or injector.
  • Copy script script string code from below code box and paste in executor.
  • Launch Bitcoin script roblox game.
  • Inject executor to game process and complete the update check process.
  • Execute script to game and if everthing done right you will see a gui in game window.


How to Get Bitcoin Miner Script?

You can get the best working auto boost and overclock Roblox bitcoin miner script at for free there is nothing like premium on our website.

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