BGMI Config 1.8.0 File (MagicBullets, Headshot) Free Download

bgmi config file

The new latest version of the BGMI Config file is published recently and is working with cool features, BGMI Magicbullet, and more.

The current latest version which is published recently is 1.8.0, you can play any type of matchmaking with this config file, and it is working perfectly with TDM matches.

BGMI config file is made by multiple developers and we have only added the best one from them, our published config file supports Magicbullet, Headshot, No Recoil, and Anti aim.

Our recommendation is to use this config file with a guest account or login with Twitter in BGMI to make an alternate account, you can use SmailPro for creating new BGMI accounts.

What is BGMI Config File

BGMI Config file is a modified version of the original game which is now packed in the same as the main game copy, this type of config file is used to get additional advantages in-game.

BGMI Config file works with any android device with any Android OS version, but the recommended version is 4.5+ this version of android supports almost any new and old game APKs without error and bugs.

The BGMI Config file is packed with so many features which you can’t see without using it, and there is no root required to use this config file as we told you earlier the APK is packed in the same original file.

bgmi config file hack

BGMI Config File Magicbullet

We all know how well is magicbullet in BGMI config files. In the config file of BGMI mod apk, you will get a feature MagiBullet, this feature is best suited for average BGMI players who don’t know how to play and kill other enemy pro players.

Magicbullet is a type of hack that works internally the game providing ability to fire through the walls and trees. and fun fact is no one will notice that you are using the magicbullet in the BGMI game because the way it is created is very legit.

BGMI Config File 90 FPS & 60 FPS

The BGMI config is fully optimized for the device with 90hz of refresh rate, you will not notice any frame drop during the gameplay because the frame rate is already unlocked.

The same applies to 60hz android devices, you will never notice a single frame drop while playing the game, the FPS rate is already unlocked to its Maximum.

BGMI Config File Aimbot

BGMI aimbot config file will improve your aim timing and smoothness by applying an external AI interface from provided config file.

Although the BGMI aimbot hack is very risky due to the nature of automatically locking on to enemy targets, the aimbot is so powerful that it will automatically lock to target even if it is behind any wall or tree.

BGMI Config File Headshot

BGMI headshot is the main feature we like the most while using the AWM or any other sniper gun, the BGMI headshot hack is one of the best modules added in the latest version of the BGMI Config File.

Headshot hack is working in the latest version. We didn’t notice any issue with the BGMI config file related to banning. If a headshot won’t work then don’t worry, sometimes you have to miss the head in order to prevent your account from getting banned by the game.

BGMI Config File Maker Online

We have seen many BGMI players searching for a tool to make their own version of BGMI config files, but sadly there is no such tool or software available online to make a config file, and those who claim to have such kind of software are lying because there is no way anyone can make a game app with the help of an online tool.

The BGMI config files you see on youtube videos and on other websites are custom works made by experienced developers and game developers.

How To Use BGMI Config File

Follow the below instructions to use the BGMI config file with your game account.

  1. First of all download the Free BGMI Config File from download button down below.
  2. Now download an Zip unarchiver to unpack the package file and get an APK out of it.
  3. Find the download zip file location and unpack.
  4. It will ask for a password, We have mentioned the password below or you can type 123.
  5. Now copy the config file and paste it in android/data/com.pubg.imobile/ folder.

BGMI Config File Features

  • Magicbullet
  • Headshot (Not work properly)
  • Aimbot (Less)
  • Speed Hack
  • White Body
  • Ipad View
  • Less Recoil
  • More

Password: 123 (if required)

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