BedWars Script GUI Free Aimbot & More

Roblox OP BedWars Script GUI has excellent features such as Aimbot, FOV, Invisibility, No Clip, and more. It’s a unique script developed and published by the v3rmillion forum for bedwars GUI Roblox game.

BedWars is an online strategy game on Roblox in which you must protect your bed from other players. It went into beta on May 28, 2021, and has quickly gained traction among Roblox players. It’s a replica of Hypixel’s popular BedWars game.

The OP Bedwars Script is an external LUA code that will provide you with external benefits designed and programmed by the script code developers most common uses for the bedwars game is aimbot and invisibility.

It is a kind of teamwork and a strategy-based game where players attack enemy teams to prevent them from appearing again on the map and respawning. The teams need to defeat all the enemy players to win the game. The game’s concept is evident you have to defend your bed from other enemy players.

The game is so popular that it has been visited 2.9B+ times on Roblox’s official page with 2,289,421 favourite points, and the active player numbers are from 120,900 to 125,000 per day.

Supported GameRoblox Bedwars
Code TypeLUA Script


Below are some noticeable features you will experience after using this script in your bedwars Roblox game.

Bedwars scripts are packed with many quality features and are regularly updated by the developers with the latest API and codes from GitHub.

  • Anti knockback
  • Listed in the Picture above!
  • Kill Aura
  • Item Aura
  • Item & Player ESP
  • Insta Destroy Blocks
  • Listed in the Picture above!
bedwars script

The codes are checked for Security and are open-source hosted on the GitHub platform.


Follow the instructions below to properly use this script in the bedwars Roblox game.

  1. Before attaching the scripts to the Roblox game, ensure you have the latest version of the executor.
  2. You can also download the working injectors from our Roblox scripts page.
  3. Go to Roblox’s official site and start the Bedwars game by clicking the Play button.
  4. Then copy the LUA script code from the script boxes and paste it into the injector text field. Following that, press the inject button, followed by Attach button.
  5. A GUI will open after all processes. Then, you can enable the features you desire within the GUI.


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  1. i dont know how to get it to ive done other one’s and they havent worked so i need another link so can you send me it please