Astria Ascending Trainer and Cheats For PC

Astria Ascending Trainer and Cheats for pc Free Download. It is a full and safe cheat trainer for the offline version of steam game astria ascending.

DeveloperFLiNG Trainers

Astria Ascending Overview

The astria ascending is a single-player fantasy RPG game developed by Artisan Studios and published on steam games stores by Dear Villagers and Maple Whispering Limited. In astria ascending you will discover an extensive international on the brink of chaos in a mature, emotional JRPG. revel in an epic story with rewarding, turn-based fight and expansive customization rendered in glorious 4K hand-drawn visuals.

In Astira Ascending game you will go to 5 different towns populated by way of particular creatures and clear up more than 20 dangerous dungeons. With over 50 hours of game-play and quite a number of amusing mini-video games – consisting of shoot ‘em ups, an authentic delusion-themed card game, and tough environmental puzzles.

Immerse yourself in a charming narrative rife with betrayal, sacrifice, and terrors. A tale primarily based around personal characters, Astria Ascending gives an extra mature enjoyment and significant conversation.

fight over 2 hundred different monsters in a charming, turn-primarily based fight. gather and summon mythical beasts into the fight and building up your energy to wield legendary Cosmo Breaks.

Astria Ascending Cheats and Trainer

Astria Ascending trainer is an external program that modifies the game memories and values of the specific addresses. the trainer for this game is developed by one of the professional and leading we mod community member FLiNG. in the astria ascending trainer you will get benefits like infinite hp, infinite stamina, and more. The trainer of astria ascending is also known as by cheats of astria ascending. You can download the cheats of astria ascending from our website that is working.

Features of Astira Ascending Trainer Cheats

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Astria Ascending Trainer Cheats free download.

  • NUM 1 – Infinite HP
  • NUM 2 – Infinite MP
  • NUM 3 – Infinite CB
  • NUM 4 – 100% Drop Rate
  • NUM 0 – Super damage one hit kill
  • NUM . – Damage Multiplier
  • CTRL + NUM 1 – Edit money lums 999999
  • CTRL + NUM 2 – Money multiplier
  • CTRL + NUM 3 – Infinite XP
  • CTRL + NUM 4 – XP Multiplier
  • CTRL + NUM 5 – Edit SP 999999
  • CTRL + NUM 6 – SP Multiplier
  • CTRL + NUM 7 – Edit consumables
  • CTRL + NUM 8 – Infinite stat orbs
  • CTRL + NUM 9 – Set game speed
Astria Ascending trainer

Astria Ascending Technical File Details

  • Trainer Full Name: Astria Ascending Trainer and Cheats
  • Trainer File Name:
  • Full Trainer Size: 944 KB
  • Cheat Type: Offline Trainer
  • Compatibility Architecture: 64 bit (x64)
  • Latest Version: 1.0+
  • Developers: FLiNG Trainers


How To Use Cheats in Astria Ascending Game?

To use cheats in astria ascending you will need an external cheat table or trainer, you can download a working trainer for astria ascending from our website

Is Astria Ascending Trainer Safe?

Yes and No, but it totally depends upon where you are using and download the trainer, only our website shares the professionally developed trainer for the astira ascending game.

What is Trainer Cheat for Astria Ascending?

Game trainers are programs that modify the memory or values in games and in astria ascending, developers used the same method by modifying its behavior using addresses and allowing cheats to run.

Trainer Cheats Will Ban My Astria Ascending Account or Not?

No, you will never get a ban on your astria ascending account or steam account because this is an offline trainer cheat and it is completely legal and safe to use.

Astria Ascending Trainer Cheats Free Download

Click on the link below to start the astria ascending trainer cheats free download. get the most out of the astria ascending steam game with our most popular cheat table.


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