Anime Punching Simulator Script GUI Auto Punch (2022)

OP Anime Punching Simulator Script GUI for supreme auto punches, auto boss fight farm, buy and unlock more worlds, and excellent functions. Scripts are provided in the form of a GUI menu and are developed by members of v3rmillion forums.

As the name suggests, this Roblox game is all about the punches. The more you punch, the more you earn, meaning you will earn gems every time you throw the character’s wrist by clicking on your mouse button.

The OP Anime Punching Simulator Script is the most reliable and excellent script made and approved by the RBXscripts website and is shared on GitHub as an open-source code.

You can see the complete code of the script to verify that it is safe to use and can also modify it according to your needs.

Supported GameRoblox Anime Punching Simulator
Code TypeLUA Script
Developerv3rmillion & Other

About Anime Punching Simulator Roblox Game

The anime punching simulator is a unique concept-based game where all players will throw their character’s wrist to punch something, whether a prop or a raid boss. Doing so will grant them rewards, including Gems, gears, and other game currency gifts.

There are tons of maps available in the anime punching simulator game, and you can unlock all of them by using the gems. Gems are unique currency in-game used to unlock worlds and character gears.

The game is so popular that it has been visited 67.7M+ times on Roblox’s official page with 205,220 favourite points, and the active player numbers are from 8,100 to 9,000 per day.

Although The scripts are updated every week, our recommendation will be to use them right after you see this article because you never know when the game developers will patch these scripts and update the games.

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anime punching simulator script gui

Anime Punching Simulator Script GUI

The Anime Punching Simulator Script GUI is an LUA code that will do auto farming when attached to the game. Auto farming is a process used when the player model is AFK and doing nothing in the game.

The scripts are made for free use by members of v3rillion forums and are tested for coding quality. These scripts will provide you access to different world locations in the game without spending the game currency (gems). All you need to do is attach the code to the game and relax.

We’ll keep you updated with new scripts as they are made available. And If you discover one that has been patched or not working, inform us of the specific script by commenting below so that we can replace it.

So without further delay, below is the list of currently active and updated Anime Punching Simulator Scripts GUI.


We share the most useful and updated lists of OP Roblox Scripts. All these scripts are worth using if you are someone who plays these games seriously.


NOTE: These Roblox scripts are hosted on the GitHub website as open-source codes meaning you are not the only one who will have access to them so that they may get patched after a few days or a month. In that case, please inform us by commenting below with the code number.

How To Execute Roblox Anime Punching Simulator Script GUI

Please give attention to these steps as they are essential to follow when using LUA scripts in Roblox games.

Download any best LUA injector or script executor from the internet. Trusted sources are WeAreDevs, Synapse X, and other paid providers.

Check our Roblox scripts page for a working script executor if you want something similar to an injector.

Open Roblox’s official website and launch the Anime Punching Simulator game by clicking on the play button.

Copy the LUA script code from the above boxes and paste the copied code into the injector empty text field.

After that, click the button Inject followed by Attach. A script GUI will appear. After that, enable the features that you want in GUI.

Source: A Special Thanks to RBXScripts, WeAreDevs, and V3rmillion forums for script codes.

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