American Fugitive Trainer & Free Cheats

American Fugitive Trainer for unlimited cash and infinite health with the capability of unlocking all mission rewards and legendary vehicles.

American Fugitive is a new 3D top-down open-world single-player game that offers a modern spin on sandbox action. The two firm founders have extensive AAA backgrounds, including titles such as TimeSplitters, Crysis, Black, and Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, developed by Fallen Tree Games.

You step into the shoes of Will Riley. Indeed not an angel, but certainly not a murderer. However, your father’s cold-blooded murder is the crime for which you were imprisoned. You’ll break out of jail, fueled by sadness and a burning desire for vengeance, determined to find the actual perpetrator.

To avoid being recaptured, blend in with the locals while you’re outside. Stay one step ahead of the police dragnet by establishing contact with the criminal underworld.

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Functions of American Fugitive Trainer & Free Cheats

Wh0am15533 makes the free trainer for the American fugitive steam PC game. He is the trusted uploader and mod developer at the unknown cheats forums community.

Talking about the features, the trainer will help you complete the missions and defeat the bad guys in the game. You can use many options such as god mode, infinite weapon ammo, and no reload.

  • Teleport to Custom Waypoint [F9]
  • Remove Star’s/Heat [F10]
  • 6 Star’s/Army Trigger
  • Add 50K Cash
  • Add 500 Upgrade Point’s
  • Add All Upgrades
  • Misc & Unlocks
  • Game’s Builtin Cheats
  • Spawing
  • Bunker & Safe Codes
  • Settings
American fugitive trainer
American fugitive trainer by wh0am15533

Technical Details of American Fugitive Trainer

The file is scanned with VirusTotal and We didn’t find any malware bundled with the trainer file.

TitleAmerican Fugitive Trainer
Size11.01 MB

How To Install American Fugitive Trainer

  • American Fugitive Trainer file is available for free download.
  • Extract the zip file to the game installation folder.
  • Run the injector as administrator and start the game.
  • Press trainer launch key after game starts.

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